Above there are some pictures shot where i was visiting and old town in Transylvania. I was living in this city for around 8 years. This city is called Klausenburg/Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár.
The center of the town is full with old designed buildings as you can see. The statue represents Matthis Corvinus. He was born in this city.
  Ah yes, the last picture. Interesting isn't it? Money forever! Relax, this is a totally new designed and built house, far away from the center[pound sigh is missing :), he-he n00bz].
  Visit the city, worth a trip. At least you can see the Euro and Dollar signed house live.

Here are some pictures made in London. There are a huge amount of buildings there with different age, design and style. Just wanted to show you some of them. The city is too big for a one day trip, i tried to walk around. I managed, but only in the old center. You need at least one week just to have a normal look-around.

This last too pictures were made in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Like in all ex-socialist countries the city is full with tall, big, and not so stylish apartment houses. Well in time, everything will change. The city worth visiting, it's clean, and like a new born, growing fast. Constructions everywhere.