What's in the bag?

  When your are going to a photography trip, it is highly advisable to bring your camera, of course, but there are few things what are also recommended. My everyday set contains the followings:

Near the camera i usually keep two different type of filters. First is an UV filter, which is always on the camera. The second one is a circular polarizing filter. I'm using the polarizing filter when i'm shooting pictures in bright light. This filter helps a lot when i'm shooting clouds, or when something is on the horizon. Gives more contrast, and outlines it very beautifully. 
The UV filter is on my camera for protection purpose.
These filters can stack on each other, but seriously, i never tried that method. I prefer changing them manually, because i can spot the dirt on it more easily.

  Rubber blower and dry cloth
Simple but useful. Why? Because it helps you to keep your camera clean. Using the cloth you can simply remove the dirt, water drops or dust from the body of your camera and your lens exterior [not the part where the optics/glass is located]. What if the dust is located on the mirror, or sensor of the camera? Then comes Mr. Blower and helps you. Just remove the lens, find out where is the dust exactly located [mirror or sensor] and blow it out. It's working. Personally testes a few times. Try not to touch the sensitive inner parts when you are blowing out the dust. That can harm your camera.

I think this is a perfect invention. This tool, mainly focuses on the optical parts of the camera. It looks like a normal pen. The upper part of the pen contains a cleaning head, which actually removes the fingerprints [tested and it is working]. This head, i think, contains dry, printing inc.
The other part of the pen has a hidden brush. Useful thing. Using this brush you can remove the dust effectively from the lens optics. The brush is soft, so don't worry so much when using it. Try to use it gently, don't push it with brute force.
One more thing, what worth mentioning. On the market you can find fake things which are sold as lenspens. Those things can really harm your lens. Try to avoid the fake ones. The fake ones got almost the same built as the originals. The difference is the deeply recessed brush side. You can see that above. The fakes don't have that recess.

   My bag/case contains these equipment. I think this is an all around, perfect for everyday use compilation.