Rainy days

I know how is December, so why am i writing about rain. Simple, i used my gear in rainy conditions, yet i did not tried in snowy weather. I would like to share my technique which i used in rainy situations.
  Totally there are two types of rain photography, [as i realized] first is the in actions situation, the second is after action situation. 
   Lets start with the in actions one, that means, it is raining while you are out and shooting pictures. Water falling from the sky. In this situation, you'll need an umbrella, or waterproof something for yourself. For your camera you will need it's case, and a plastic bag. :) In the photo shops you can find anti-rain cover for your camera, but if you want, you can do this by yourself at home. Easy and cost almost nothing. I found a video about this how to, you can access it here. I personally tested it, and it is working.
  The second situation is more simple, all you need is your camera in it's case, and you, of course. Ah, yes, you will need a lot of speed to, and patience. Stay in the house, and check the weather frequently. If you see the rain stopped, or going to stop soon, grab your gear and get outside. Open your eyes ans shoot. After rain pictures are more "stationary", but at least you got the possibility and time to adjust your camera settings.
  Extra tip, on your lens use some kind of protection filter [UV filer, etc]. It is more simple to clean the filter, than the lens. This could save some time ant your valuable lens.


Anonymous at: 9 December 2012 at 19:16 said...

Nice photos.. Eventhough I dont know much about photography I can see some details that make me want to stare at the picture for some time :D

nice job mate ..and props for that part where you share your wisdom

keep kool :)