Things to do

I almost forgot to mention some final tips. Appendix for my previous post [here].
1.  Let’s say you got the brand, at least you managed to reduce the number of the brands to a minimum number [2-3]. Before buy one of those, you should know your brand reliability and quality. This can be tested very easily, just contact their support. If you have the possibility contacts them via phone. Phone is better, because you can hear the reaction of the support agent/technician/engineer.
They usually support pre-sales customers too.
Ask just a simple question, for example: “I’m planning to buy a dSLR in the future, why should I choose your company?” or “How does the warranty really works, how fast is the service center?” etc. I think you can invent such to the point questions. Don’t forget, in the future probably one of this agents will support you, if you will have issues, questions. Good support is equal with quality.
If you can, avoid asking for such information is mega-big techno shops. The sales people are nice, but sometimes they lack of proper knowledge, or they just simply mixing things up. They are working on daily basis with different household/electronic items. They don’t know every product tech. specification by heart. In dedicated shops, like photo saloons the situation is better, but not perfect.
The support is the perfect choice here, their product, they should know it.
2.  On the web, or on the support page or the manufacturer, usually, the instruction/user manuals are uploaded. Search for your future model and feel free to download the documentation. Those are filled with a lot of information. This, at least will let you know the menu of the product before you buy it.
3.  Reviews. Oh yes, but user reviews! :) Just write your model name in the search engine, and click search. From the result list choose the web shops. People love to comment especially when they are very happy, or angry. This trick can help to know the product strength and weakness before you buy it.

   Questions? No....Good :)