First step

Want to shoot good quality pictures, or you want to use your artistic skills, you want to became Picasso in photography? If yes, than the answer is short: buy a camera: )

    Easy to say, yes I know. There is a huge number of camera models on the market, huge amount of brands, cameras with night shot feature, video shooting, etc. How to choose and what to choose, this is the main questions. Hard to answer on it, but there are some tricks to helps you.

  1. Talk with people, who already has a camera, brands may vary by person to person. Talk with them about the handling of the camera, the features of it and the most important: don't afraid to touch it, make some test pictures. Borrow it for some time, but at the and give it back :). This will helps you to choose the suitable brand for you, which could be Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus and Sony [ex-Minolta].
  2. After you have the perfect brand, you need to choose the perfect model. There are three main categories at every manufacturer. These are: beginner, advanced and professional. My opinion is to skip the beginner models, start with the mid-range, advanced ones, because they offer way more possibilities than the beginners, and in time you will use those anyway. On the web there are pages which are full of reviews. Comparing the tech features are a good way to make the final decision. I was using the following webpages: Snapsort [comparing] and DPReviews [reviews]. Of course there are others too :).
  3. Oh yes, the final thing is the money. Well, I can not really write here anything. Sadly, quality needs to be payed. If your lucky, you will get some promotion, and you will get the camera with, lets say 2 lenses [like in my case], or with soft case and SD card.

For now, this is my quick guide for those who wish to buy something bigger than a compact camera. I hope this will help for those who are thinking about getting a dSLR.
[NOTE]The pictures above are made with a Samsung Galaxy S [first gen.].