Save your soul

    I made a decision today.
One of our favorite social webpage will introduce a interesting search engine. This will enable all statuses, post, etc. to public reviewing. When i started to shoot pictures, i was using that page to share my pictures with my friends, strictly with my friends.
From now on, i will migrate my pictures here, and it will be public. It is nice to make your own decision. :)
Feel free to comment, review them.
   Some words about the pictures.
The angel was shot... well, in a cemetery. Here you can find more about the place. I liked it very much, i mean the sculpture. I think it is more than 100 years old, placed there long time ago.
The second picture represents a part of a cathedral, found in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. The name of the cathedral is Alexander Nevsky. Huge and old construction. This is more than 100 years old too.
  I think i was using circ-pol filter, at the shooting time, but i'm not sure.


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