Kit lens, quick about

Today we are looking into the cameras main parts. There two of them, one is the body, the other is the lens. "Lens, i call you!" so i will write about the lens. The official name of is: Interchangeable Lens. :), because you can change them "on the fly".
   After the camera arrived, or you just opened the box you can find the body [the thing with the sensor and with lot of buttons], and one kit lens [the fragile looking like one]. Ok, there are other thing in the box too, like battery, charger, shoulder strap, but the two main things are the body and the lens. Imagine what can you do with a lens and a shoulder strap without a body? :)
   Here is my opinion about the kit lens. 
   The kit lens is  lower quality than a Zeiss made one, but this does not mean it's bad. It is not heavy, easy to use. What do i mean here by saying "it's lower quality", the explanation is the following: the build quality is lower, and the image quality too. Image quality, not so sharp at the wide and/or tele end, like high/pro lenses [relax, usually pro.eyes are noticing it]. Other thing is related with the color chromatic aberration may appear frequently. This "effect" is visible when you zoom in the picture 100% or more. The kit lens is made of some plastic looking like material. Weight reduction price.
   After this you can ask the following question: should i dump it?
   My answer is no. "Why not?" you may ask, well because for beginner this is a perfect all around lens, which can be used in almost every situation. Perfect for learning and experimenting with it. Of course this is just an opinion, so if you want you can replace it with another one.
   There are several specific built lenses like zoom, wide angle, macro, etc. depends on what kind of pictures do you want to shoot. In time everybody will have some specific lens in hi/her pocket.